Gatekeeper for Customs Users

Australian Customs

Australian Border Force uses DigiCert Gatekeeper Certificates to increase the security of the Integrated Cargo System (ICS).

A DigiCert Gatekeeper certificate lets you interact with the ICS via a Web browser or EDI software. This allows you to lodge import/export declarations and cargo reports, amend EDI messages, check cargo status, access the CMR diagnostic facility, update client registers and obtain research reports.

Visit the ABF website for more information.

Organisations & Businesses

Your organisation, department or business (including sole proprietorship) must have an ABN in order to use Gatekeeper.

(If a Gatekeeper account exists for that ABN, we'll take you to your account page. If not, we'll invite you to setup a new account.)

Individuals (not representing an organisation or business)

Apply for an Individual Gatekeeper certificate in your full legal name only (not the name of an organisation or business).

New Individual certificate