Gatekeeper Repository

Policy Documents and Agreements

The policy documents describe in detail how DigiCert Gatekeeper Certificates are issued and how DigiCert performs its function as a Certification Authority and Registration Authority. The documents also define the operational policies and procedures employed when, for instance, certificates are issued, revoked or renewed.

Subscriber Agreement Explains the obligations of a person who is issued with a DigiCert Gatekeeper Certificate.
Relying Party Agreement (RPA) Explains the obligations of someone who relies on a DigiCert Gatekeeper Certificate.
Certificate Policy (CP) Explains what DigiCert Gatekeeper Certificates look like and the policies that apply to the DigiCert Gatekeeper Certification Authority.
Certification Practices Statement (CPS) Describes how DigiCert manages its Gatekeeper Certification Authority.
Privacy Statement Explains how DigiCert collects and handles the data of its customers and users.

Historical Versions: view older versions of these documents (previously accredited but now out of date).

Gatekeeper CA (Root) Certificates

These Certification Authority certificates can be used by Gatekeeper certificate holders and relying parties wishing to integrate and trust the Gatekeeper framework.

Current Gatekeeper CAs

Generation 4: DigiCert branded, SHA-256, 4096 bit root CA, 3072 bit issuing CAs.

Legacy Gatekeeper CAs

Generation 1: eSign branded, SHA1, 2048 bit root CA, 1024 bit issuing CAs.
Used by ABN-DSC, Type 3, Individual and Non-Individual certificates.

Deprecated or Expired Gatekeeper CAs

Generation 3: Symantec branded.

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