Verification of Identity requirements

Gatekeeper Manager Certificates and Gatekeeper Individual Certificates require applicants to verify their identity by uploading copies of suitable identification documents and participating in an online interview.

The ID documents you supply must meet the requirements of either Option 1 or Option 2.

Option Individual Identity Documentation Requirement
Option 1
  • ONE Category A document AND
  • ONE Category D document
Option 2
  • ONE Category B document AND
  • ONE Category C document AND
  • ONE Category D document

For both options, ensure:

The following are recommended documents that will meet the requirements, but a full list of acceptable documents is listed below.

Example 1 Australian Passport
Medicare Card OR Centrelink Card
Example 2 Australian Birth Certificate OR Australian Citizenship certificate
Australian Drivers Licence
Medicare Card OR Centrelink Card

Full list of acceptable documents:

Category Document
Category A Australian Passport
Australian Visa (Supported by foreign passport)
Category B Australian Birth Certificate
Australian Citizenship Certificate
Category C New Zealand passport
Australian Drivers licence
Australian government issued proof of age card/photo card
Category D Medicare Card
Centrelink Card
Enrolment with the Australian Electoral Commission
New Zealand drivers licence