Gatekeeper for ASIC


The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) secures the Electronic Lodgement Protocol (ELP), used for the electronic lodgement of documents, using Gatekeeper certificates.

For more information, see ASIC's Electronic Lodgement Protocol page.

Gatekeeper certificates are no longer required for use with ASIC's ELP system.

If you have an existing Generation 1 Gatekeeper certificate, you may continue to use it until it expires.

However, you are advised not to renew or replace your certificate, or enrol for a new certificate as the current Gatekeeper standard is not supported by ASIC and a new certificate will not work.

If you have questions regarding access to ASIC's systems, please contact ASIC. Alternatively, contact Support for questions specifically about your Gatekeeper certificate.

Organisations & Businesses

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