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Changes to identity verification

A new ID verification process for Manager and Individual enrolments is now is place

Previously, Gatekeeper Manager certificate and Gatekeeper Individual certificate applicants had to attend an Australia Post office and present their ID as part of the verification of identity process.

From the 23rd of June 2023, Australia Post no longer performs verification of identity checks for DigiCert.

DigiCert has introduced a new on-line process to replace the Australia Post process, designed to provide the same rigorous level of identity verification as an in-person check.

New Process

  • Gatekeeper Manager certificate and Gatekeeper Individual certificate applicants still complete the on-line enrolment process, as before.
  • Applicants are then asked to upload their required identity documentation to DigiCert.
  • DigiCert staff review the documentation which includes confirming the validity of the identity documentation using the Australian Government's Document Verification Service (DVS).
  • Once the document review is complete, Digicert requests the applicant to schedule a video interview with a member of the DigiCert team to verify the identity of the applicant.
  • Once completed successfully, the certificate is issued.


  • I've already had my identity checked at Australia Post. Does this apply to me?
    Your identity check is valid for 2 renewals of your Manager or Individual Certificate. This is a maximum of 6 years. If you are a new Manager, you may not be due for an Identity Check for several years. Any new Managers from your organisation will use the new process from June.

  • Is there any change in the price of a Gatekeeper certificate?
    There is no change in price as a result of this change.

  • Are my identity documents stored securely by DigiCert?
    Yes, identity documentation is stored in encrypted format within our Australian data centers and is only accessible by limited DigiCert staff.

  • Why is DVS used?
    The DVS check of identity documents provides another layer of verification as the document validity is checked with the issuing authority. This helps to reduce the possibility of fraud.

  • Are Gatekeeper Standard & Device certificates impacted by this change?
    No, only Gatekeeper Manager certificate and Gatekeeper Individual certificate applicants undergo the Verification of Identity process.

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