New Gatekeeper Device Certificate


Transport Accident Commission

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Device certificates are issued to computers, systems or devices managed by your organisation.

How do I obtain a new Gatekeeper Device Certificate?


Complete the online enrolment in the pages that follow:

  • Enter your personal details.
  • Choose a certificate password.
  • Wait for a Certificate Manager from the organisation to review and approve your enrolment.
  • Once approved, DigiCert will email you with instructions for installing and using your new certificate.

How much will it cost?

Validity Period Price
Gatekeeper Device Certificate 2 years $960.00

Note: You will not be charged for this certificate now. A Certificate Manager from the organisation will determine how the charge is to be paid.

By clicking the button below to initiate my certificate request, I voluntarily agree that any personal information I share throughout this process will be processed according to DigiCert’s Gatekeeper Privacy Statement.

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