New Gatekeeper Manager Certificate


Transport Accident Commission

22 033 947 623

Gatekeeper Manager certificates are issued to representatives of your organisation authorised to manage your account and approve certificate requests. New enrolments require an in-person identity check at Australia Post.

How do I obtain a new Gatekeeper Manager Certificate?


Complete the online enrolment in the pages that follow:

  • Enter your personal details.
  • Choose a certificate password.
  • Download & print your Enrolment Pack.
  • Have the Letter of Authority signed and returned to DigiCert by post.
  • Take the Identity Verification Form and the necessary identification to an Australia Post Keypost outlet for an in-person identification check.
  • Allow up to six working days for processing by Australia Post and DigiCert.
  • Once approved, DigiCert will email you with instructions for installing and using your new certificate.

How much will it cost?

Validity Period Price
Gatekeeper Manager Certificate 2 years $360.00

Note: You will not be charged until your certificate is approved and ready to be installed.

By clicking the button below to initiate my certificate request, I voluntarily agree that any personal information I share throughout this process will be processed according to DigiCert’s Gatekeeper Privacy Statement.

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